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Playing Cards

The most thorough and comprehensive playing card library in existence. Not only does this library provide an incredible array of card actions with many diverse variations, but it's also provided with 2 Mic perspectives.

Close Perspective: For that "in your face" sound often used in games or scenes where you want to focus and create an impact.

Mixed perspective: For scenes where the sound needs to sit naturally without drawing too much attention, yet still sound articulate.

The library was recorded with the most commonly used card deck used by casinos, magicians and hobbyists alike.


It was recorded with 2 matched Neumann TLM 103's selected for their outstanding transient response and ultra high SNR.


  • Bends and Flicks

  • Bridging

  • Cutting

  • Natural and Hard Deals

  • Table Placements

  • Flipping onto a card

  • Flipping onto a table

  • Flourishes

  • Hindu Shuffles

  • Overhand Shuffles

  • Riffle Shuffles

  • Smushing Shuffles

  • Table tapping

  • Card Tapping

  • Thumb Riffles

  • And more...


  • 410 Sounds (205 sounds x 2 perspectives)

  • 48 Files

  • 96kHz/24bit

  • Download Size: 168MB

  • Extracted Size: 286MB

  • ​BWF and SoundMiner Metadata

  • Manual here

  • File list & Meta-data here

  • EULA here