Privacy Policy

Just like you, we value Privacy. This document serves to explain how Sonic Worlds collects and makes use of personal information.

What do we collect?

The only time we collect information is:

  • When you make a purchase from the website we collect very basic user information from the payment form. For internal legal record keeping, names and email addresses are stored.

  • If you choose to opt in to our Mailing list, your email address is used for periodical updates, newsletters and promotional information.​

  • We never sell your information!


Disclosure of data

Sonic Worlds uses certain third party service providers for performing functions related to our business. These are:

  • Sellfy - The online store integrated into the Sonic Worlds website that enables you to purchase our sound libraries. Periodically sound libraries are updated. When they are, a download link to the update will be sent to the Email address the buyer used to purchase the library. You may opt out of this.

  • MailChimp - Newsletters, and informational updates. Never sent without approval. You may always opt out of receiving these.


Sonic Worlds collects no Credit Card information, nor Password information. All sales are done through Sellfy using PayPal as the payment method.


Sonic Worlds tries to be as transparent and accommodating as possible. If you wish to opt out of anything, or require any further information, please feel free to contact us.